V1-HD +

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  • Equipped with abundant input / output terminals that can support professional-level event production and live distribution

  • Equipped with a high-performance 14-channel audio mixer

  • Compact and easy to set up

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Equipped with an auto switching function that saves labor in operation

  • The video is composed of 4 layers, and video composition by PinP or DSK is also possible.

  • Equipped with an XLR terminal for audio input, it is safe to connect to a professional mixing console

  • Eight preset memory functions that can be recalled instantly


In the field of video production and live distribution, it is necessary to prepare a number of necessary peripheral equipment in addition to the switcher.

With its rich features, the V-1HD + combines the basic features of video switching with the features needed for field workflows, such as PinP, DSK, scaler, and full-fledged audio mixers. It is condensed.

It is also effective in shortening the time to set up the equipment.


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